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National Officers

Victor P. Henderson  President

The National President is responsible for planning and implementing the Fellowship\'s mission of empowering and educating people, especially young, black men, residing in the communities where Groove Phi Groove has chapters, as set forth in the Preamble and Purpose of the Constitution and Bylaws. The National President reports to the Executive Board of Directors through its chairman or vice chairman when the Fellowship\'s annual meeting or Conclave is not in session.

Darron Ridgeway  National Treasurer

The National Treasurer’s primary responsibility is to plan the Fellowship\'s budgets and oversee its finances, including any outside audits, as more fully set forth in the Constitution and Bylaws.

John F. Strothers  Secretary

The National Secretary and those he directs record minutes from all official meetings, including the annual National Conclave and assemblies of the Executive Board of Directors. He also maintains membership data and other information of the National Office under the direction of the Executive Director.

Brian Lynk  General Counsel

The General Counsel oversees all legal matters for the Fellowship, including the supervision of outside legal counsel, and serves at the pleasure of the National President.

Wesley Ridgeway  Executive Director

The Executive Director is responsible for all administrative functions of the Fellowship, as more fully set forth in the Constitution and Bylaws, and reports directly to the National President.