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Community Service Committee

Chair: Alex Russell
Members: Donovan Faiclough, Dwan Young, Seitu Stephens, Daryl Jones

Constitution Committee

Chair: Christopher Joyner
Members: John Conquest, Steven Christian, Kendrick Walker, Dalton Atkins

The role of the Constitution Committee is to periodically solicit, accept, review, and suggest changes to the Constitution and Bylaws. The committee can accept recommended changes that are voluntarily submitted by regions, financial chapters, and members. The committee can also solicit changes and suggest such changes on its own. All recommended changes must first be submitted to the Executive Board of Directors before they are presented to the National Conclave for approval.

Events Planning Committee

Chair: Craig Perry
Members: Leonard Randolph, Gerald Williams, Napoleon Metelus, Leslie Burns

The Events Planning Committee is responsible for planning all national events, working with all necessary parties, and developing strategic alliances with vendors to maximize the Fellowship’s visibility and reduce overall cost to our membership for all events.  These events include the following: the National Conclave, the National Undergraduate Convention, directorate meetings, and an annual golf tournament.

Finance Committee

Chair: Thomas Hasty
Members: Theodore Hatwood, Qabbani Goodwyn, Duane Manns, Richard Martin

The Finance Committee is responsible for evaluating ways to more effectively utilize our organization’s capital. The committee conducts an annual review of the organization’s expense ledger to determine ways to streamline processes in order to recognize cost savings. The committee is also charged with developing procedures for selecting our national headquarters, which includes the creation of an annual projected expense budget, the recommendation of best possible locations, and a bi-annual review of the various organizational fee structures.

History Committee

Chair: Tony Gass
Members: Edmond Davis, Jeff Wafer, Brian Peavy, Chris Calhoun

The History Committee has been assigned the task of documenting the Fellowship\'s history, from 1962 to the present, by initialing focusing on information from documents that may not be readily accessible (documents, for example, that have been destroyed or misplaced).  In particular, the committee has undertaken the role of obtaining biographical histories of all founders and past national presidents.  In addition, histories of all Conclaves, Board Members, Directorate Members, and chapters, as well as other information which documents the Fellowship\'s background, will be gathered with the goal of preparing a written record of the Fellowship\'s first 50 years by October 2012.  Finally, the committee has been assigned the task of gathering and identifying old memorabilia (such as hats, shirts, pins, Sword & Spears, sweaters, and photographs) in an effort to begin a collection of artifacts that will be placed at the Fellowship\'s headquarters.

IT/Technology Committee

Chair: Christopher Hill
Members: Floyd Brantley, James Drake, Galax Womack, Chris Smith, Louis Harris, Samori Sykes & Terrance Willis

The IT/Technology Committee is responsible for updating our current internal and external communication media with the goal of providing better service to our current membership. The committee will also develop ways to reach more people with the aim of significantly expanding our membership. This goal will be accomplished by modernizing our national website and social media platforms, expanding our usage of online transactions for donors, and investigating other mass communication methods, including  the use of mobile devices.

Membership Committee

Chair: Dennis Thomas
Members: Michael Chang, Brian Jones

The purpose of the committee is to develop, refine and implement strategies to improve undergraduate and graduate growth of the organization. The membership committee is spearheading the Strategic Planning initiative that will be delivering recommendations to the National Board of Directors. There are three sub-committees consisting of Fellowman ages 18 to 29, 30 to 49 and 50 and older. Each group is responsible for making recommendations for improving the operations of the Fellowship. Each sub-committee is made up of Fellowman who have committed their time and energy in laying the framework for the future of our organization. 

The membership committee will initiate several campaigns in an attempt to contact Fellowman to update their status with the organization and to participate in the local chapter business in their areas where they reside. The membership committee is committed to working with the regions and chapters to help facilitate undergraduate growth. If Brother\'s have any questions or ideas don\'t hesitate to contact me via email at