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Victor P. Henderson


Groove Phi Groove Social Fellowship, Inc. engages in philanthropic activities all over the world.  We have eight regions in the United States that include New England, North Atlantic, Mid-Atlantic, Atlantic, South Atlantic, Great Lakes, South Central and the Far West.  We also have an International Region that is largely populated with new members and soon-to-be new chapters in Ghana, Africa.  We have immediate growth plans for countries including Nigeria and England. 


Our Fellowship operates on three levels, nationally, regionally, and locally through graduate and undergraduate chapters.  


Most activity takes place on the local level.  Local graduate and undergraduate chapters can operate independently or in conjunction with The Groove Fund, which is our 501(c)3 organization which has been recognized by the Internal Revenue Service.


Local chapters engage in philanthropic and community activities to further our mission of empowering and enabling the people in our communities, especially young black men.  


We host charity basketball tournaments, picnics, dances, food drives, college campus tours, fundraisers and other activities, each with an eye towards fulfilling our mission of helping others.  We believe that by helping others we also help our members develop leadership skills and ties to our communities. To learn more about us, you can contact us to order a copy of our History Book.