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Support for African American Male Youth

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Dr. Alexander Russell

Too many African American male youth fail to receive quality support during their adolescent years.  Did you have an older male to listen to you?  Did you have an older male to counsel you, coach you, and guide you?  If you did not have a father or other significant African American male role model, you may have missed something key to your growth and development.

The Groove Leadership Academy was developed to provide support to African American male youth in their adolescent years.  This support comes in the form of a youth-mentoring program that delivers leadership workshops, community Service projects, and life skills training.  We prepare adolescent male youth to become responsible and productive citizens of good character with principles that they can teach to their children.  This kind of support is transitioned from generation to generation.  This kind of support builds a sustainable family unit.

Families must live with discipline, trust, honesty, positive work ethics, goal setting, mutual respect, spirituality, and integrity.  The Groove Leadership Academy provides a blueprint that can influence male youth into becoming men. 

Join us in further developing the Groove Leadership Academy. If you can listen, counsel, coach, and guide male youth, we ask that you demonstrate your commitment by acting in your local Graduate Chapter to establish a Groove Leadership Academy program.   Begin a discussion with your Regional Director during the next Regional Conference and initiate a Groove Leadership Academy.  We ask that you become the change agents to provide support for African American adolescent  male youth who have no voice and are underserved.