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Illustrious Great Dane Chapter Wins Greek Charity Stroll Competition

The Illustrious Great Dane Chapter announced victorious. From left to right: Fl. Gow Mosby, Fl. Tobi Ajirotutu, Fl. Francis Agyeman, Fl. Lupe Bamwo, and Fl. Adham Stewart.

After a brief intermission of the Knemisis Khaotic Dance Competition, the show continued with a Greek Charity Stroll competition. Lambda Pi Chi came out and set the tone, Groove Phi Groove turned it up on all levels and Sigma Iota Alpha closed it.

The Great Dane Chapter of Groove Phi Groove Won the Greek Charity Stroll competition and "Out Of Control" from SUNY Old Westbury won the dance competition. After the competition, both teams came out and elaborated on their victories and the significance of them.

Founder of the Great Dane Chapter of Groove Phi Groove, Isaiah Norman talked about how important the victory was to them and why they chose to give the grand prize money to the EOP scholarship. The organization already has a scholarship that they award to an incoming freshman every year, but this year they decided to donate it to someone representing another organization.

“We chose EOP because even though they do receive some type of funding financial need is still a necessity and they need the financial incentive to help them achieve higher milestones,” Said Norman. Norman also added that winning the competition was motivating and inspiring to their organization.