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Groove Phi Cares

Fellowman of the Long Island Graduate Chapter March along family and friends in support of their local Breast Cancer Walk.

Our beautiful mothers, sisters, wives, girlfriends and daughters have always been a constant source of support and love for us men. It is important for these women to know that we recognize all that they have done for us and that we are just as dedicated to supporting the things that concern them.

With that in mind, we are proud to launch our first ever Groove Phi Cares project. This year, we will pledge to join the fight against breast cancer and help in the efforts to stress the importance of early detection and treatment.

We have set a goal of raising $50,000 to be donated on behalf of our brotherhood, friends and families and we encourage everyone to assist us in reaching that goal. Brothers, Friends and family, We are asking each of you to donate $19.62 to our Groove Phi Cares Fund in tribute to the year of our founding and as a display of support to this cause.  We also want you to visibly support our initiative by purchasing our Groove Phi Groove, Swing Phi Swing and Groove Phi Cares T-shirts. You can purchase these shirts from our sponsor vendor 62Kings69Queens. Portions from each shirt sold goes directly towards the Groove Phi Cares Fund.

We also want each and every member of our brotherhood supporting local and national efforts geared towards tackling this affliction. We encourage each of you to join our fellowman and walk besides us as we participate in the Various Making Strides Walks, Hosted by the American Cancer Society throughout the month of October as well as the Susan G. Komen walks in the spring. 

To donate, please use Groove Phi Cares donation panel located to the left of the screen.

Thank you for your support.