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Dear Fellowmen, Family and Friends,


As Groove Phi Groove enters its second 50 years of existence, some things are staying the same while others are new.  At a recent Leadership Summit, our members identified our unparalleled  brotherhood as one or our core attributes.  Our history demonstrates that many college administrators did not want us on their campuses, because we were new and did not represent the status quo.  The discrimination faced by Groove Phi Groove, especially in the 1960s, mirrored the challenges faced by black students who were integrating white college campuses. The message was clear.  “No need to apply.”  Yet, we persevered and would not take no for an answer.  Simultaneously, our commitment to serving the people in our communities, especially young black men, is uncompromised and never-ending.  That is who we are and what we do.  We give college scholarships.  We mentor high school students.  We make the journey easier for those who follow in our footsteps.  


What is new is that our center of operations has changed.  We now operate out of a brand new headquarters in Baltimore, Maryland, the home of our birth.  What is new is that we are giving away tens of thousands of dollars in scholarship money to schools like Morgan State University, Delaware State University, Lincoln University, Maryland Eastern Shore University and more.  What is new is that our brand of brotherhood is flourishing in new chapters on the shores of Ghana, West Africa, and God willing, we will soon be in Lagos, Nigeria.  So, to friends old and new, we encourage you to browse our web site to discover a brand of brotherhood that serves, a brand of brotherhood like no other, a brand of brotherhood called Groove Phi Groove.  


Sincerely yours, 


Victor P. Henderson, Esq.

International President

      Jun 2019      
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